Kube Workflow

We make business process automation simple, modern, and flexible.

Kube Workflow is a Workflow Management System that allows the rapid configuration of Business Forms and Approval workflows.

Build once, use everywhere

Forms Designer
Drag and drop from over 20+ controls, to create your own unique online Form.
Responsive Design
Maintain a single form design that adapts to various screen sizes, ranging from desktop to phones.
Multilingual Forms
Take advantage of Multilingual Forms. You only need one form to cater for a global audience.

Gather approvals, your way

Workflow Designer
Kube Workflow comes with a no code workflow designer that supports a wide variety of scenarios: sequential & parallel approvals, level of authority approvals, and more.
Automated Notifications, Reminders and Task Delegations
Keep everyone informed with email notifications and reminders. You can also nominate a backup person to automatically receive task delegations and act on your behalf.
Approval Matrix
Decouple Workflow assignees from your processes with Approval Matrix assignment rules.

Monitor, Review, Report

Work-In-Progress Report
At a glance, gain better understanding of overall process health by monitoring each worklfow stage, number of open tasks and late tasks.
Review SLA Policies
Review historical SLA Reports to assess operational performance against SLA objectives.
Custom Reports
Unlock hidden insights. Create your own ad-hoc reports and analysis through familiar tools such as, Excel and Power BI.

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